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Jan 17, 2024

Community Analyzers

Community Analyzers are open-source third-party static analyzers that are executed as part of your existing CI pipeline and the results are reported to DeepSource using the OASIS standard SARIF (Static Analysis Results Interchange Format) format.

The initial release adds support for Kube Linter, Dart Analyze, Slither and AWS CloudFormation Linter, with support for more to come soon. To simplify your onboarding experience, all analyzers have pre-configured ready-to-use CI snippets tailored for popular CI providers like GitHub Actions, Circle CI, and more. Refer to the announcement blogpost for more information and documentation for detailed setup instructions.

Bitbucket Data Center

DeepSource cloud now supports Bitbucket Data Center as a Version Control System (VCS) provider, in addition to GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps Services. You can now use DeepSource to monitor and improve the health of your code hosted on Bitbucket Data Center.

To add your Bitbucket Data Center organization to DeepSource Enterprise Server, navigate to the account switcher on your dashboard, and create a new workspace. Read more in the docs.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Autofix tab has been redesigned and moved under the history page.
  • Code Coverage now has a badge which can be added to the project's README or wiki.
  • Fixed a bug where the summary section on a run details page would sometimes show just an icon with no value.
  • Fixed GitHub 403 errors due to suspended installation.
  • Add fallback for owner logo in public reports.
  • Auto delete DeepSource created branch if commit or PR creation on it fails.
  • [API] Add AccountSubscription type - The plan associated with this account's subscription.
  • [API] Add IgnoreRule type - An IgnoreRule defines the condition on which to suppress an Issue's Occurrences in a Repository.
  • [API] Add IssueCategorySetting type - Configuration for an IssueCategory in a Repository.