Secure every commit without slowing development

Integrate source code security in your DevSecOps toolchain with DeepSource’s industry-leading Static Application Security Testing (SAST) analysis engine.


Enable every developer to ship secure code.

Security is no longer the responsibility of only security teams. DeepSource helps organizations arm every developer with tools to understand security risks in source code on every commit so they can fix them before the code is even merged.

Supports all major programming languages

16+ static analyzers that support all modern technologies, are updated frequently, and provide the most comprehensive issue coverage in the industry.

Less than 5% of false positives

Our powerful analysis post-processing framework looks at explicit and implicit signals to show you only the most relevant issues without the noise commonly seen in other static analysis tools.

Guidance to fix every issue

Each security issue raised by DeepSource comes with a helpful description and references to external references of attached CVEs or CWEs, making it easy for even junior developers to take action.

Integrated secrets scanning

Keep hardcoded credentials, passwords, and secrets out of your codebase by blocking pull requests from getting merged if something’s detected.

Powerful quality gates

Create sophisticated gating rules based on severity and configure your VCS provider to block pull-request if any of these rules are violated.

Built-in support for security frameworks

First-class coverage of industry standards like OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25, and major Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) issues.
Build a proactive security culture

Build a proactive security culture

Reactive security is passé. With continuous analysis on every commit, developers and security professionals in your team are enabled to fix potentially critical security issues even before the code is merged, rather than relying on post hoc security audits. Paired with DeepSource’s powerful reporting features, key decision-makers can prioritize security as part of the code review cycle.

Bring true shift-left to your DevSecOps strategy

Security is part of everyone’s job. DeepSource enables your engineering and security teams to shift-left source code security in your DevSecOps strategy with powerful SAST integration in the development workflow, sophisticated security gating, and contextual prioritization of potential security vulnerabilities.

Bring true shift-left to your DevSecOps strategy
Build a proactive security culture

Bring true shift-left to your DevSecOps strategy


Loved by developers. Trusted by enterprises.

Our platform enables thousands of enterprises to manage their code health while providing their developers a pleasant experience.

I'm a big fan of DeepSource. I reviewed quite a few products to better support our engineers and the quality of problems found was far better than Codacy or Code Climate for our Python backend codebase.

Adam Pietrzycki


We compared it against other tools and DeepSource seemed to find more meaningful things in the code. Since we've adopted it, we've hired more junior-level engineers to focus on the bug risks and security issues DeepSource finds. It finds things our engineers generally miss.

John Craft

VP of Engineering

DeepSource looks at things that might create a security problem or a performance problem going forward; or if we're violating a best practice. All that gets codified into DeepSource and as developers, for code reviews, now we can focus on higher-order bits.

Arpit Mohan

Co-founder & CEO

DeepSource is static code analysis for humans. Stop wasting your time setting up and maintaining CLI tools on CI, just use DeepSource.

Ruslan Kuprieiev

Team Lead

Thanks to DeepSource, all our code quality practices are now automated. It automatically highlights code quality issues and helps us fix them even before someone reviews the code manually — saving a lot of the reviewer's time.

Joy Lal Chattaraj


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