Okteto avoids catastrophic errors in code with DeepSource

Okteto is a development platform for Kubernetes that empowers developers to deliver cloud-native applications fast. They use the DeepSource Go Analyzer to catch and fix code health issues in their code as early as possible.


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"DeepSource has been especially useful for Go. It caught issues in our code that could have been potentially very catastrophic."

— Ramiro Berrelleza, CEO, Okteto


Okteto's open-source projects are primarily written in Go and have 50+ contributors. While they had used linters in the past, they did not have a systematic way of detecting bad code during code reviews. As a result, they spent a lot of time running these tools manually.


The team implemented DeepSource in January 2020 after discovering DeepSource's Go Analyzer. "The most useful thing was how easy it was to plug it in. I just had to drop the config file there, set up the repo, and that's it", Ramiro says, about how straightforward it was for him to set up continuous static analysis with DeepSource.

Every single pull request made to Okteto, either by a team member or an open-source contributor, is now analyzed by DeepSource.


"It's much better than making our CI more complex. I can say, run this check, and configure it to block a pull request, and that's it. That has been super useful", Ramiro says. With DeepSource, Okteto now runs continuous static analysis for their source code in Go, JavaScript, and Docker. This helps them prevent hundreds of code quality and security issues in their code base.

Okteto has also leveraged the DeepSource Go Analyzer to prevent hundreds of potentially catastrophic errors that would have escaped during code reviews otherwise. As Okteto's team looks to the future, they plan to leverage DeepSource deeper in their software development workflow with new Anlayzers and Autofix.

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