Code Éxitos achieves code standardization with DeepSource

Code Éxitos is a product studio that brings an entrepreneur's ideas from ideation to not just product, but to an actual, profitable business. Shipping clean and secure code is an important commitment that they make to their clients, and they use DeepSource to achieve that.


JavaScript, Docker, Test Coverage



South America


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"Within every language, and every framework, there are a hundred million ways to do something. DeepSource has helped us say, "This is how we’d like to do this", and that’s been very helpful for everyone in my team."

— Eric Poleracy, CTO, Code Éxitos


At Code Éxitos, it's not just one team building one product. They have multiple lead engineers working across many different projects, catering to several customers. They have a fairly standardized technology stack for all their customers, but its implementation is very subjective to the customer.

The primary challenge faced by Eric, as the CTO, is to provide a layer of consistency in the source code across all of these projects, not only for his engineers but also for his clients. They need to ship the projects fast, but they cannot compromise on the quality and security of the code.


With DeepSource, Code Éxitos implemented continuous static analysis on all their projects across the organization. This helped them ensure every new change to their projects adheres to the best practices of the programming language, and is free of common anti-patterns and security vulnerabilities.


Complete insight into a project's code health at all times

DeepSource makes it easy to understand what's going wrong with a project's code health with the project's Overview. At any point of time, the team can understand what needs the most attention — did they introduce new security vulnerabilities, or added some code without adding tests for it?

Overview dashboard in DeepSource

Code review automation on each pull request

Having DeepSource analyze every single commit automatically helped them take care of the lowest hanging fruits of their workflow, which freed up a lot of the team’s bandwidth. Their code review processes now include a mandatory pass of DeepSource that takes care of the objective parts of the review process, while bringing the deeper, more severe issues to the surface for the team to work on.

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