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Release: Actions on issues, ignore rules

Release: Actions on issues, ignore rules

Improving the relevance of the issues raised on code is one of the primary directives for us at DeepSource, because it directly helps developers to take action on these issues and improve the quality of their code. We've had many users ask for better ways to change how issues behave for them because doing so with existing tools is too clunky — adding and maintaining ignore rules in configuration files is hard, and lacks support for complex rules.

In the latest release, we've added actions to issues reported on your repository's DeepSource dashboard that makes this easier. You'll see a new Actions... button on all issues reported in the Issues tab of your repository.

Actions button on issues

Changing issue severity

You can now change the default severity of issues raised in a repository by clicking Actions...Change severity... and then selecting the new severity for the issue. The changes will be applied to all existing issues immediately and will affect the subsequent analysis.

Ignore an issue for all files matching a pattern

In a lot of cases, you would want to ignore an issue for files that match a pattern: say you don't care about documentation issues in an internal package — all files matching contrib/utils/*.py. You can now ignore the issue for a specific pattern by clicking ActionsIgnore this issue...For file pattern... and then entering the file pattern.

All occurrences of this issue which match the file pattern provided will be removed, and the rule will take into effect from the subsequent analysis.

Ignore an issue for all files in a repository

If you decide you don't particularly care about an issue, you can ignore it for all files in the repository. Click ActionsIgnore this issue...For this repository. This will remove all occurrences of this issue in the repository, and ignore the issue from the subsequent analysis.

Ignore an issue for one file

For ignoring an issue for a particular file, click the ... button on the particular issue occurrence and select Ignore issue for this file. This will remove all occurrences of the issue for the selected file.

Ignore issue for one file

View and delete ignore rules

All rules that have been created can be viewed or deleted in the new Ignore rules section in repository settings. If a rule has been deleted, the effect will be applied form the subsequent analysis.

Ignore rules section in repository settings

We're so excited about this release and we hope it makes shipping good code easier for you. Got feedback? Tweet to us @DeepSourceHQ.

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