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Release: GitLab support, new actions on issues

Release: GitLab support, new actions on issues

Support for GitLab accounts and groups

It is our pleasure to announce that GitLab is now supported on DeepSource as a first-class provider. This means if you host your code on GitLab, you can now start using DeepSource with your personal accounts or groups in just a couple of clicks.

To connect a new GitLab account with DeepSource, just click on Add new account in the dashboard switcher:

Add new account

Dashboard → Add a new account

Connect your GitLab account by selecting Connect with GitLab. After you've granted the necessary permissions to DeepSource, you'd be able to choose either your personal GitLab account or a group that you're a part of with DeepSource.

GitLab installation

Choose a GitLab account

And that's it! All your projects from GitLab would be available on DeepSource, and you can configure continuous quality analysis just by adding a .deepsource.toml in the project's root. Once you've activated the analysis on a project, all merge requests created would be analyzed automatically and a comment will be added on GitLab with the results.

DeepSource comment on GitLab merge requests

Analysis results as comments on GitLab merge requests

New actions on issue occurrences

It is now possible to mark issues as intentional violations, or report a false-positive. In the Issues tab of your repositories, you can find a new option, Ignore this occurrence... on all issue occurrences. This makes it super easy to tweak the results to suit your context.

Ignore actions on issue occurrences from Issues tab

Ignore issue occurrences from Issues tab

On issues raised in an analysis run for a pull-request, you can now also mark issues to be fixed later. These issues will be exempted from the current analysis, but will still be synced to the Issues tab when the branched gets merged to the default branch. This way, it's easy to keep track and fix these issues later.

Ignore actions on issue occurrences from analysis runs

Ignore issue occurrences from analysis runs

Got some feedback or need some help? Write to us on, and we'll be in touch soon!

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