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Introducing Bitbucket support for DeepSource

Introducing Bitbucket support for DeepSource

We are glad to announce that Bitbucket support in DeepSource is now generally available. You can now add Bitbucket workspaces from DeepSource dashboard and setup continuous analysis on repositories on every commit and pull request.


Sign in with Bitbucket

Bitbucket integration has been a key focus for us in this quarter. It has come up quite a few customer conversations we had since we started. In terms of supporting source control providers, Bitbucket was the next logical choice.

How you can use it

First, login to your DeepSource dashboard, and choose "Add new account" from the list of accounts. In the next screen, choose "Bitbucket". Sign-in to Bitbucket, and authorize DeepSource to access your repositories.

Add a new account for Bitbucket

Once you have created an account, you can switch to that account, choose "Activate new repo", and go through the configuration set-up process.

Coming soon for Bitbucket

  • Auto-commit configuration: The Bitbucket integration currently requests read-only access in the repositories. Future releases will add read-write support. Till then, you will have to directly commit the DeepSource configuration file (.deepsource.toml) in Bitbucket repositories.
  • Autofix support: We are working on adding Autofix support for Bitbucket repositories.

Get started

If you haven't used DeepSource yet, DeepSource is free for open-source repositories. Our free plan includes 3 private repositories, with 3 users in your DeepSource account. So, connect your repository today, and start identifying and fixing issues before they land in production.

Get started with DeepSource

DeepSource is free forever for small teams and open-source projects. Start analyzing your code in less than 2 minutes.


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