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DeepSource at PyConf Hyderabad - Experience & Reflections

DeepSource at PyConf Hyderabad - Experience & Reflections

Giving back to the developer community is one of our core values at DeepSource. From sponsoring & sharing our experience at meetups and events to partnering with universities across the world — we try to contribute to the community's growth as much as possible. More the merrier!

Associating with PyConf Hyderabad (India) — one of the most well-known regional Python communities in India — was a no-brainer. The sprawling IIIT Hyderabad campus was filled with Python developers and enthusiasts.

PyConf had the perfect blend of activities, planned for student programmers as well as professionals. The first day was exclusively reserved for the workshops and the next day for the talks. Sanket, the co-founder of DeepSource, also gave a talk titled "Continuous Quality for Python: What, How and Why", in which he talked about the benefits of having static analysis as a pre-merge requirement, and how to implement continuous quality using DeepSource.

At the DeepSource stall, we heard problems specific to code review and quality from developers. We also shared our story of how developers from the world's leading engineering teams are using DeepSource to discover and fix flaws in their Python (& Go) code.

Another major point of discussion was setting up type checking for Python with mypy — which most of the developers agreed is difficult to do manually. DeepSource has simplified it, one merely needs to add a single line in their .deepsource.toml to get started. During our conversations, we could see the value it adds to their continuous quality process.

And not to forget, the raffle! Who doesn't like to try their luck, right? The winner, Kamal Prasad, received an Amazon FireTV stick. We also gave away some cool T-shirts to other attendees.

All in all, it was a weekend well spent. We would like to thank the PyConf Hyderabad team for organizing this event. See you soon, until next time!

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