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DeepSource at PyCon India 2019

DeepSource at PyCon India 2019

Helping developers ship good code is part of our DNA at DeepSource, and we're always on the lookout for avenues where we can meet developers, learn about their code review processes, and discover the most important problems which they have when it comes to delivering reliable software and increasing productivity. It also gives us an opportunity to tell everyone about all the exciting work we're doing, and give back to the Python community at large.

It is our pleasure and pride to announce our association with PyCon India 2019 as a Silver sponsor.

Come meet us on both the days of the conference to learn more about how DeepSource plays an important part of the code review workflows at organizations like Uber, NASA, Slack among others. Want to meet us and talk about something specific? Just email us on

Oh, and we have some exciting contests too!

Contest alert!

Visit our booth and register yourself for our PyCon raffle, and win a Nintendo Switch, Google Home Minis and other giveaways. Follow us on twitter @DeepSourceHQ for more details.

About PyCon India

PyCon India is the annual conference of the Python community in India, which brings together developers, experts, academics, scientists and enthusiasts from all over India and abroad. It is one of the largest Python conferences in Asia.


Oct 12 - Oct 13, 2019


Chennai Trade Center, Chennai, IN


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