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All that happened: PyCon India 2019

All that happened: PyCon India 2019

Developer conferences excite us so much at DeepSource — it gives an opportunity to talk to our users one-to-one and showcase the latest stuff that we've shipped. Associating with PyCon India was something we had been looking forward to, and why not? It is the largest Python conference in India and attended by students, professionals and Python veterans all alike.

The entire team arrived in the bustling city of Chennai, armed with goodies to give away and loads of energy to talk all about DeepSource at our booth.

In addition to telling the attendees all about continuous quality and how DeepSource can help systematically ensure bad code doesn't enter the code base, we also organized some very interesting contests.

In the first one, the participants got code snippets with quality issues and bugs which they had to manually find within 15 minutes. This contest was a huge hit among the participants at PyCon 2019, with each slot being a full house! Almost 300 developers participated and we had a total of 60 winners from the 5 rounds, each winner receiving DeepSource swag.

Our marquee contest at PyCon India 2019 was the raffle draw, with the top 2 participants being awarded a Nintendo Switch and an Amazon Echo Dot. Participants were required to install DeepSource and activate analysis on any of their repositories on to be eligible to enter the draw. Congratulations to Edwin Clement who won the Nintendo Switch and Sayak Sen won the Amazon Echo Dot We had a great time interacting with these winners.

As you can see from the pictures, we had a great time at PyCon India 2019. We came back with tons of feedback, a lot of which will soon make it to the product. Keep watching us to meet us at the next conference near you!

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