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Introducing, Pinned Reports

At DeepSource, one of our key goals is to equip developers with the insights they need to make informed decisions and take action about their code health. We built Reports for this, with powerful aggregation of code health data to give you a comprehensive overview of your codebase's current state.

Access to this information is essential to improving engineering velocity and decision-making. The easier it is to access code health insights, the easier it is to prioritize action.

With Pinned Reports, our addition to the dashboard, you have the power to customize your repository overview page and team home page on DeepSource by pinning the reports that matter most to you. By selecting the type of report and the period of the historical data you want to display, you can get a bird's-eye view of your entire codebase and identify action items quickly.

We hope that making it easier to consume reports in the dashboard will help you visualize the impact of DeepSource's code health automation on software quality and delivery better. Try Pinned Reports today!

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