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Introducing support for Monorepos

At DeepSource, we understand that many organizations use or are considering to adopt monorepos, and we want to ensure that our users can leverage our comprehensive code health capabilities within their monorepo environments. Today, we are excited to announce a significant addition to the DeepSource platform — support for monorepos.

What are monorepos?

Before jumping into the details of our support for monorepos, let's quickly recap what monorepos are and why they have gained popularity in the software development community. Traditionally, developers worked with single repositories per project, leading to challenges in managing codebases with multiple interdependent projects. In contrast, monorepos consolidate multiple projects or components within a single repository, allowing for better code sharing, improved collaboration, and streamlined dependency management.

Monorepo mode in DeepSource

We have received numerous requests from both current and potential customers to expand our support for monorepos. With this launch, you can simply change existing repositories on DeepSource to ‘Monorepo mode’ at the click of a button, configure the analysis, and view the issues for every “folder” in the monorepo separately. Additionally, you will be able to onboard new repositories as monorepos on DeepSource without missing out on any existing capabilities of DeepSource, including Static Analysis, SAST, IaC analysis and Code coverage.

The addition of monorepo support to DeepSource marks an exciting step forward in our commitment to empowering developers with powerful code analysis tools. Whether you're already using monorepos or considering their adoption, DeepSource has your back. Refer to the documentation for more information.

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