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Good First Issue: August 2019

Good First Issue: August 2019

DeepSource hosted its first meet-up at the Bengaluru office on August 3rd, 2019. This was a part of our monthly meet-up series aimed at giving back to the open-source community across the globe.


Community building and encouraging contributions to open-source are one of our core fundamentals at DeepSource. Getting involved with open-source adds disproportionate value to software developers — interacting with great developers around the globe and working on code that is used by so many people is a great learning experience.

We landed with the name Good First Issue, which is a popular tag used by open-source projects to mark issues that are easy to fix and can be taken up by someone who is a new contributor. This is a great way to encourage developers to get involved with the project by making an easy fix to the code — exactly what we wanted to do!

Vaibhav Mule, maintainer for the open-source Python web-framework Masonite helped us out with the issues from the project that developers can pick.

Good First Issue — Python Edition

We had a full house for this meetup, with participants from all backgrounds — students to working professionals. Apoorv and Tejas, two of the participants, traveled over 100 miles from Mysore to be a part of the event!

Sanket, co-founder of DeepSource, kicked-off the event with a brief introduction on open-source and how developers can get started with making contributions to popular projects. The session then moved on to its main agenda of helping developers with making their contributions to projects hosted on GitHub. The developers worked on issues in Masonite and NASA's podaacpy, and made their first pull requests.

Photos from the event

A first for Sridhar!

The amazing part of community events is the stories! One such moment was when Sridhar, Product Manager at VMware, made his first contribution to an open-source project at the meet-up! And guess what? It was a successful merge at his very first attempt!

"I used to always believe that contributing to open source was something complex, but thanks to DeepSource team I was able to do this effortlessly!"

— Sridhar T R, Product Manager at VMware

Sridhar also plans to make more such open-source contributions in the future.


The event ended on a positive note with all participants getting their pull-requests merged in open-source projects. Getting started in the world of open-source is considered something difficult — the success of the event has been a testimony of the opposite.

Photos from the event

Don't miss out on the next edition of Good First issue on October 5th, 2019 — where we will also build up to PyCon India 2019!

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