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DeepSource + GitHub Education = ♥

DeepSource + GitHub Education = ♥

At DeepSource, our mission is to help developers ship good code. Today, we're excited to announce that we're partnering up with GitHub as part of their GitHub Education initiative, which is aimed at making tools for building software available to students, teachers, and schools around the world free of cost.

DeepSource is now available as part of GitHub Student Developer Pack — which means if you're a student and enrolled for the pack, you get DeepSource Pro completely free, which includes unlimited analysis on private repositories via GitHub.

If you are already enrolled in the pack, you can sign up for the DeepSource offer here. This offer is available for new as well as existing users. If you're an existing user, write to us at

We're super excited to see what you'll build with DeepSource's help. Let us know your feedback at @DeepSourceHQ. Until then, keep shipping good code!

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