DeepSource for Rust

Deliver High-Quality, Secure, and Maintainable Rust Code

Automate code reviews, catch issues early, and streamline your workflow with DeepSource's hundreds of Rust rules.

Centralize Rust Code Quality and Security Management with DeepSource.

Enable more efficient Rust development by automating workflows, identifying and fixing code issues early on, and accessing insights to improve code quality. Equip Rust developers to ship better code faster at lower costs.

Code quality analysis 

DeepSource’s runs static anlaysis on every commit and helps you address code quality and security issues before you can ask your peers for a review.

Security analysis (SAST)

Visualize line coverage and branch coverage, and discover missing tests. Simply send the coverage report from any CI tool and DeepSource will do the rest.

Centralized reporting

Manually fixing issues can be tedious. With Autofix, generate fixes for thousands of issues at once and create a pull-request automatically with the fixes.


Run popular code formatters like Black, Prettier, go fmt, isrot, autpep8 automatically on every commit. DeepSource will apply the changes without you lifting a finger.

Issue Categories

Our constantly evolving Rust Analyzer detects 240+ issues and maintains a below 5% false-positive rate. It filters out noise and highlights the most relevant problems.

Issues that slow down the execution of code.
A bug in code that could potentially be used to compromise security.
Issues that are raised when certain parts of the code are left undocumented.
Common coding practices or solutions that lead to poor quality code.
Deviations from a specified code format or style guide.
Bug Risks
Issues in code that can lead to errors and breakages in production.

For the full list of Rust issues, please visit the DeepSource directory.

Accuracy and Automation

With reduced manual effort, standardized formatting, and improved quality, developers are empowered to streamline collaboration and enhance productivity.


DeepSource goes beyond identifying issues in your code. With Autofix™, you can automatically generate fixes for a wide range of code health issues across all files in a repository. Applying these fixes is as simple as a few clicks, allowing you to conveniently incorporate them as a new pull request or a commit on an existing pull request.

Transformers: Rustfmt

Get source code automatically formatted on every commit. DeepSource ensures your Rust code is consistently formatted using the industry-standard code formatter, Rustfmt. This guarantees uniformity and consistency across your codebase, eliminating potential conflicts and inconsistencies.

Write clean and secure code with DeepSource.

DeepSource integrates natively with your version control system, runs analysis on every commit, and helps you prevent 3,000+ code quality issues on Rust and several other languages.

Start managing your code
health from a single platform.