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Apr 11, 2022
Detect unexecuted code in tests, 30+ new issues, and more

Unreachable, or “dead”, code is often a symptom that something has been missed unintentionally in the codebase. Dead code in your test suite is even more problematic because it means some part of your code that you thought will test something is, well, not serving its purpose. We’ve just added a new issue, TCV-002, in the Test Coverage Analyzer that’ll alert you whenever it finds unexecuted code in any test files.

New in Analyzers

Fixes and improvements

  • Users will now get directly directed to the organization they accepted an invite for.
  • Issues under a run are now paginated, allowing users to see all of them directly without explicitly searching for them.
  • Billing checkout page didn’t show the applied credits. This has been fixed.