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Apr 26, 2022
Support for Go 1.18, new webhook events, and more

New webhook events

Webhooks are an excellent way to build custom workflows and integrate DeepSource with other tools. We’ve added three new webhook events in this release:

  • repository_issue.resolved: Triggered whenever an issue is resolved in the default branch of the repository
  • autofix_run.started: Triggered when a new Autofix is created
  • autofix_run.updated: Triggered when the status of the corresponding PR of an Autofix is updated.

Learn more about these events in the docs.

Support for Go 1.18 in the DeepSource Go Analyzer

We now support projects using Go 1.18, the latest version of the Go programming language. The version is auto-detected from go.mod from each module’s root, and no change is required in .deepsource.toml.

New in Analyzers

Fixes and improvements

  • When joining a team using the invite link, the user will default to the member role (if seats are available)
  • On uninstalling the DeepSource app from GitHub or Bitbucket, the users will now get an email informing them that their account has been deleted successfully
  • Fixed the broken link to a user’s DeepSource dashboard in the Bitbucket sidebar
  • All webhook events are now sent with the Norris/DeepSource user agent. If you haven’t met Duck Norris yet, you really should!
  • The Autofix button will no longer appear incorrectly on the default branch’s run history page
  • Fixed image and content flashing in the carousel on the signup page
  • Cleaned up a bunch of errors on the front end so your user experience should be much smoother now
  • JavaScript: Fixed false positives for JS-0377 and JS-0378
  • JavaScript: Fixed incorrect Autofix for JS-0002
  • Go: Fixed bugs in Autofix for VET-0009 and GO-E1006
  • Go: Improved issue descriptions for GSC-G501, GSC-G102, and GO-S1029