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Dec 23, 2022

New in Analyzers

  • We’ve added 36 new checks:
  • We’ve added Autofix™️ support for 6 checks:

Breaking change

  • Due to a recent update in git, executing any git command inside DeepSource’s Test coverage GitHub action leads to failing the CLI. We recommend switching to DeepSource CLI or following the steps here to resolve this.

Fixes and Improvements

  • We’ve fixed several false positives in this release:
  • GO-W1025: This was being incorrectly triggered even when there was no case of possible infinite recursion within the String method. We’ve fixed that.
  • CS-R1045: Adding the array type when implicit conversion is involved (for example, new double[] {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}) was incorrectly triggering this issue. We’ve fixed that.
  • CS-R1068: Expressions such as numbers.Where(num => IsEven(num)) can be written as numbers.Where(IsEven). However, this is not possible when dealing with Action<T> such as in the case of Array.ForEach<T>(T[], Action<T>. We’ve fixed that.
  • CS-R1099: Using the explicit base() call to invoke the parent class’s default constructor is redundant. However, calls to overloaded constructors viathis() were also incorrectly flagged. We’ve fixed that.
  • JAVA-S1065: Classes that were annotated with @RequestMapping would be reported even when they have specified methods that are annotated with more specific annotations such as @GetBinding, which is safe. We now avoid reporting such cases.
  • JAVA-E1036: Certain collections API-related methods were reported as being passed the wrong generic types even when the types were correct. We’ve fixed that.
  • Ruby: We’ve disabled Autofix™️ for RB-RL1017 since it needs deeper analysis info before it can attempt to fix.
  • Python: