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Dec 2, 2022

This update is mostly about the Analyzers. While we’ve made several small fixes and improvements to the product, the primary focus for the week was adding new checks and Autofix™️.

New in Analyzers

  • 15 new checks
  • New Autofix™️ for 3 checks

Fixes and Improvements

  • You can now upload attachments for support tickets on the DeepSource dashboard.
  • You can now directly copy and share the public report details from the new success window that shows up after you have created your report.
  • Some users could not see if the aggregate metrics are passing/failing a threshold(if set) on runs in the history page. This has been fixed.
  • Some users could not suppress failing metrics on the run page, despite having access control permissions enabled in team settings. This has been fixed.
  • On some reports, changing the date filters from a longer to a shorter duration resulted in an invalid state. This has been fixed.
  • Recently added Analyzer logos were not appearing correctly on the sidebar of the Discovery tab. This has been fixed.
  • We dropped support for Ruby versions 2.0-2.4 due to dependency on some libraries. We have recovered support for those versions.
  • After using .cfg file for dependency configuration in Python, we have now added support for .toml files.
  • JavaScript: We had some failures while users were trying to Autofix™️ JS-0757. We have fixed them.
  • We’ve fixed several false-positives in this release:
  • CS-R1005: Event handlers contain an argument of type async void that incorrectly triggered this issue. We’ve fixed that.
  • CS-A1003: Methods participating in the inheritance will no longer trigger this issue.
  • JAVA-E1017: Call from one method to a different overload of that same method will no longer trigger this issue.
  • JAVA-S1061: Spring persistent entities used as path variable arguments in a request handler will no longer trigger this issue.
  • JAVA-E1065: Private fields marked with @FXML were incorrectly reported as uninitialized. We’ve fixed that.
  • JAVA-W1042: Spring configuration methods that throw Exception will no longer trigger this issue.
  • JAVA-W1004: Empty test methods autogenerated by Spring will no longer trigger this issue.
  • BAN-B608: Some strings were wrongly detected as SQL triggering this issue. We’ve fixed that.
  • PYL-W0201: Now that we have added support for .toml files in Python, the false positives caused due to dependencies not being installed are fixed.
  • PYL-C0412: Imports inside the match statements incorrectly reported this issue even though they cannot be grouped. We’ve fixed that.
  • CXX-S1006: Some users were passing the sizeOf(type) value as a variable in memory allocation functions, which wrongly triggered this issue. We’ve fixed that.